Socks is played by Aniju Aura.
Socks Lazuli



Socks(VLM039) was born on September 25, 2000 in the Lazuli. His mother was the dominant female Sahara and his father was a rover from the Zappa named Punker. He was born with just one litter-mate sister named Ruby(VLF038). Being the dominant female's pups, Socks and Ruby were well looked after by the whole group. Socks grew into a soiled pambered pup being the son of the dominant female. He and his sister were the main focus of the Lazuli for three months, even at five months old when Socks was expected to care for himself, he was still spoiled and sometimes made begging calls to encourage adults to feed him. However his puphood came to an end when Royal and Buttercup gave birth to a litter of pups in February 2001. Socks was forced to fend for himself. As the months when by, Socks grew into a more mature and reliable meerkat by the time his first birthday approached. As a full grown adult, Socks helped with caring for the pups and taking his turn on sentry. He also started to help the older males see off rovers. Socks is still in the Lazuli today.


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