Snickers is role played by Meerkats123.

Young OnesEdit

Snickers(VYF048) was born in the Young Ones Mob on Janaury 2, 2000. Her mother was Sparky and her father was a rover named Alex from the Vivian Mob. Her litter-mates were her two brothers Hershey(VYM045) and Reeses(VYM046) and one sister Kit Kat(VYF047). Her mother was not the dominant female but her aunt Fu Fu. When Snickers emerged at three weeks, she followed the Young Ones foraging party for some reason, even though she wa snot old enough to go aout foraging. That day the Young Ones ran into a rival gang called the Whiskers. Snickers was stolen by a young female named Bee and taken from her family.


Snickers was taken away from the Young Ones back to the Whiskers burrow. The dominant female of the Whiskers
Fu Dog wasn't happy with Bee and evicted her. However she took pity on the pup and allowed Snickers to stay in the Whiskers Snickers grew up fast. Bee had a litter of pups, buut she lost them to the Commandos. When she got a little older, Snickers was often beaten by Fu Dog's daughter, Fire Storm. Snickers was able to remain in the Whiskers despite Fire Storm's aggressive  warnings. Snickers survived to adulthood and Fire Storm didn't bother her much after that. Around that time, Bee had a litter of pups. Snickers was now old enough to help her care for them as well as preform basic duties around the mob. Snickers became one of the Whiskers' main babysitters In December 2001, Bee was evicted for good and later died. Snickers was now the second oldest female in the Whiskers. She avoided eviction until August 2002.


Snickers and the other Whiskers females met up with Zappa rovers and formed the Gattaca. Snickers' older cousin Catnip became the the dominant female beside Napoleon.


Mother: Sparky

Father: Alex

Sister: Kit Kat

Brothers: Hershey and Reeses


Young Ones Mob

Whiskers Mob