Punker Zappa

Punker Zappa

Date of Birth
March 16, 1999
Elfy and Bender
Known For
Starsky founder
Punker is role played by Sir Rock.



Punker(VZZM009) was born on March 26, 1999 in the Zappa. His other was Elfy and his father was Bender an Young Ones male. His litter-mates were his one sisters Emo(VZZF008) and one brother Gothic(VZZM009). They survived their first few weeks. His mother was not the dominant female but Brigit. Mike was the dominant male. Punker wasn't even a year old when his mother disappeared in August 1999. His older half cousin Lollipop took over as the dominant female along with Ghost, her litter-mate brother. During an encounter with the Vivian, both Punker and Gothic got seperated from the main group. They weren't even a year old yet. The two males soon were able to locate the Zappa while they were foraging and returned to the group. Punker and his brother made it to their first birthday. Punker became an excelent sentry for the Zappa. He and his brother Gothic finally went rovign for real along with their uncle Ghost. They visited the Whiskers Mob, after awhile Ghost left the two young males on their own. Thanks to Gothic good memory, the two males were able to make it back to the Zappa. Punker and Gothic went roving again at the Lazuli where he mated with the dominant female Sahara. In October 2001, Punker went roving with Ghost, Gothic, Tiny and Twix however went they returned the discovered that a group of Commando males had taken residents in the Zappa. With no where to go, the males soon met up with four evicted Zappa females.  


The males stayed with the females and the little group was collared and followed, going by the name of Starsky. Ghost tookt he dominant male position since he had experience in dominance. Punker became one of the oldest male in the Starsky. He stayed in the mob for a while helping out with the pups and sentry duties. Soon Punker and Gothic started roving. The two brothers visited the Commandos where Punker mated with a female named Athena. Gothic mated with a female named Theia. Both females gave birth to litters. After this in May 2002, both Punker and Gothic did not return to the group after taking to roving and were considered Last Seen.


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