Niko is role played by Moonstar
Niko Zappa



Niko(VZZM005) was born on January 15, 1998 in the Zappa Mob. His mother was Nimph and his father was Bangle. Niko was born with just one litter-mate sister named Joy(VZZF006). His mother was not the dominant female but her aunt Brigit was the dominant female. The two pups were allowed th remain in the Zappa and survived to adulthood. Niko started babysitting and keep senty over the Zappa. When Brigit died and Mike left the group, her daughter Lollipop became the new dominant female along with her litter-mate brother Ghost. The Zappa splintered, Niko was in the group with Lollipop, however soon the two groups rejoined. Niko stayed in the Zappa alittle long. Then in Janaury 2001 he went roving with Gothic and Punker. The three rovers visited the Aztecs where Niko mated with a subordinate female named Hera. She later gave birth to a litter of three pups named Power, Violet and Dwarf. Some lime later Niko went roving and disappared. Niko was considered in May 2001.


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