Nemo is role played by Aniju Aura.



Nemo(VWM025) was born on May 20, 2000 in the Whiskers. His mother was Fu Dog and his father was Kronos. His litter-mates were his two sisters Melody(VWF024) and Amber(VWF027) and one brother Achilles(VWM026). Nemo was born in Fu Dog's second litter ever. All four pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. His aunt Ginger gave birth to three pups August and Fu Dog gave birth to another litter in September. Because he was so young, Nemo didn't have too many responsiblities in the group. Nemo wasn't old enough to help out with the new pups but he was old enough to care for himself. It wasn't long before Nemo and his litter-mates reached a year of age. As an adult meerkats Nemo started to help out with the pups and take sentry post. Nemo is still in the Whiskers today.


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