Napoleon is role played by Sir Rock.

Napoleon Zappa

Napoleon Zappa

Yes of the Gattaca
Date of Birth
December 28, 2000
VGGP001, VGGP002, VGGP003 and VGGP004
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Gattaca



Napoleon as a juvenile

was born int he Zappa on December 28, 2000. His mother was Pumpkin and his father was Hermes a rover from the Commandos . He was born in a litter of four with two litter-mate sisters Ocicat(VZZF032 and Penguin(VZZF033) and one brother Muffin(VZZM034). His mother was not the dominant female however Napoleon and his siblings survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. The Zappa was a good size group with many adults so the pups had a good chance at survival. Not long after Napoleon was born, another female named Joy gave birth to three pups in Janaury 2001, by then Napoleon was old enough to care for himself but he wasn't old enough to help out with the new pups. His sister Penguin later disappeared in October after a predator attack. That same month, a group of Commando males joined the group with Ares taking dominance. Napoleon was barely eight months old at the time. His mother Pumpkin left the group after being evicted with a few other females and to form the Starsky with the displaced Zappa males. Napeolon remained in the Zappa and soon reached his first birthday along with his two remaining litter-mates. At a full grown male, Napoleon started to take sentry and babysitting duties and he soon started to rove with the adult males. Napoleon remained in the Zappa for two years before he took to roving in late August 2002 along with his brother Muffin and cousins Happy and Ryozo. On the first of September, the Zappa males encountered a group of evicted Whisker females and lured them away from their mob.


The males stayed with the females and the Gattaca Mob was founded. Nepoleon was one of the oldest males, his brother Muffin was of the same age. However Napoleon aserted his dominance over the other males, no one apose him, and he became the dominant male. The oldest of the females named Catnip became the dominant female beside him. She soon became pregnant again gave birth to four pups in November, aftered by Napoleon. Napoleon is still the dominant male of the Gattaca today.


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