Muffin is role played by Aniju Aura.
Muffin Zappa



Muffin(VZZM034) was born in the Zappa on December 28, 2000. His mother was Pumpkin and his father was Hermes. His litter-mates were his brother Napoleon(VZZM031) and sisters Ocicat(VZZF032) and Penguin(VZZF033). His mother was not the dominant female but his aunt Lollipop. She didn't have any pups of her own at the time so she allowed Pumpkin to keep her litter. Muffin's father was a rover from the Commandos. A few weeks after he was born, another Zappa female named Joy gave birth to a litter of pups. Muffin and his siblings and Joy's litter, survived their first few weeks, but Muffin's litter had to wait for Joy's pups to be old enough before they could start foraging with the adults. Muffin learned fast once the pups started to go foraging with the group.  When Muffin and his siblings were only ten months old, his sister Penguin disappeared in October 2001 and was assumed predated. Then a group of Commando rovers joined the group with Ares taking dominance beside Lollipop. Muffin remained in the group and reach adulthood and started to rove. In August 2002 Muffin went roving with his litter-mate Napoleon, cousins Happy and Ryozo. The males visited the Whiskers terrority and came across some evicted females.


The males stayed with the females and formed the Gattaca Mob. One of the females named Catnip established dominance. Although Muffin and Napoleon were the same age, Muffin didn't bother to take dominance and instead Napoleon became the dominant male. Muffin is still in the Gattaca today.


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