Molly Young Ones

Molly Young Ones

Formerly of the Whiskers
Date of Birth
March 18, 1998
Moongoose and Keron
Stinkers, Bumble, Norris and VWF006
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Whiskers

Molly is not a role play meerkat.

Young OnesEdit

Molly(VYF008) was born on March 18, 1997 in the newly formed Young Ones Mob. Her mother was dominant female Mongoos and her father was Keron the dominant male. Her litter-mates were her sisters Bumble(VYF009) and VYF006 and two brothers Stinkers(VYM005) and Norris(VYM007). A few days before Molly's aunt had given birth to a litter of pups Molly's sister VYF006 was sadly predated while foraging at three months later. Molly and her sister and two brothers survived to adulthood. Molly lived in the Young Ones for a year then she was evicted along with Bumble, RooRoo and Piggy. They tried to rejoin the group but instead they ran into three rovers.


The four Young Ones females stayed with the three males and formed the Whiskers Mob. Two of the males were from the Lazuli while one was a wild male. The two Lazuli males were the oldest so they competed for the right to be the dominant male, finnally the bigger stronger Argan won. While no dominant female he mated with Bumble. However soon Molly started to act as the dominant female. She beat her sisters into sumbition and soon became the first dominant female of the Whiskers. Bumble however gave birth to the first litter on June 12, 1998 to Budge and Rina. Molly finally gave birth to Fu Dog, Midnight, Ceaser and Tryan on April 15, 1998. All four pups survived. RooRoo gave birth to Bee, Nero, Shona and VWM010 on March 25, 1999. Molly gave birth to Molly gave birth to Ginger, Georgina, Crackle and VWM015 on May 26, 1999. Molly had evcited her sisters so she was unchallanged in the group. On Spetember 18, 1999 Molly gave birth to Catnip, VWM017, Lilly and VWM019. They were her last litter. A few days later Molly was killed by a hawk while defending her newest litter. Today her daughter Fu Dog leads the group.


Mother: Mongoose

Father: Keron

Sisters: Bumble and VYF006

Brothers: Norris and Stinkers

Mate: Argan


First litter born on April 15, 1998 fathered by Argan

Fu Dog (VWF004)

Midnight (VWF005)

Ceasar (VWM006)

Tryan (VWM007)

Second litter born on May 26, 1999 fathered by Argan

Ginger (VWF012)

Georgina (VWF013)

Crackle (VWM014)


Third litter born on September 18, 1999 fathered by Agran

Catnip (VWF016)


Lilly (VWF018)



Young Ones Mob

Whiskers Mob