Here are the roles for role play so things stay fair and fun.

Meerkat Mobs

There are four playible mobs anyone can join! The two none playing mobs are for group encounters, roving males and are not for role playing.

Here are the four RP mobs.

Aztecs Mob

Commandos Mob

Lazuli Mob

Whiskers Mob

Zappa Mob

None RP Mobs

Young Ones Mob

Vivian Mob

How To Join

How to join one of these mobs, first find an open spot which will be marked as available where the user's name is supposed to go. Ask User:Sir Rock for the meerkat that is available and leave a name. Once a reponse is made givinh the okay, fill in a name for your meerkat and make a page. Your will be apart of that litter and depending on the age of the meerkat is your rank and things you can do, so check the history section to see if when you meerkat was born. Adult meerkats can do more than pups in mob life. Put your user name after the meerkat saying Role Played by Your User name, so people know this meerkat is taken and played by you. If there are no new adults than check for pups. No adding new meerkats unless your female has given birth to pups. Only then can new users join if no adult as available.


Vicky (VVF001) (Role Played by user name)

VVM002 (This meerkat is available) this means you can be this meerkat in this spot.

VVP003 (This meerkat is available) If the ID Code has a P in it, then you can decide the gender of the meerkat.

Mob LifeEditAdult meerkats can do more in helping out there mob, like babysit or take sentry. Pups and meerkats under a year old don't do these things. Here are the things all adult meerkats a year old or older must do.

Babysit if there are pups that need caring for, your meerkat must babysit at least ones. Meerkats must be at least a year old to babysit.

Example: Rosie stayed home to babysit her new brothers and sisters. The day went on without much trouble. Then a rover appeared. Rosie chased him away from the pups and went back to babysitting.

Sentry Duty must be be done by all adult meerkats while out foraging. Sentry meerkat may spot danger like a rival mob or a predator. They are very important to survival.

Example: Steven took sentry on a fallen tree. He looked right then left. Over the hill he spotted a hawk flying over head. He can the alarm for his family to take cover then he dashed into the bolt hole.

Evitctions is done by the dominant female. Pregnant females may be evicted if the dominant female. Males may be evicted but that is rareand can only be done by the dominant male. The evicted meerkat can try to rejoin the group when the dominant meerkat may allow them in.

Example: Sarah was attacked by her mother since she was pregnant with pups. She ran away and was evicted. Later that day she aprouched the group aborted and begged her mother to let her back in. She was allowed to rejoin the group.

Roving can be done by adult males. They may try to rove at another mob. On the other mob's user page say the male approuched the mob. The males of that mob may chase him away or a female may see him first and mate with him. The other users of that mob will decide what to do. Meerkats must be at least a year old to rove.

Example: Charlie appeared at the Spirits Mob hoping to find females.

There are two possiblities if a female spots him or a male.

Suzie spotted the rover and wondered off to mate with him. Bruce stopped the rover and chased him away. Pregnant Females must be a year old to have pups or to even mate. No eleven month old or younger pregnant female please. They can not just suddenly have pups, females must mate with a rover from another mob. Then the female must wait 32 days to give birth, that way no female should give birth within the same month she mated.

Here is an easy way to figure out when female meerkat will give birth. Take note of the day she mated, look at the date when the female had mated after the user name. The day she will give birth is the day after in the next month. Example: Rosie mated on March 25, she will give birth on April 26.

Can Not Do

Your meerkat can not kill another meerkat in another mob unless the meerkat belong to you.

Your meerkat can't mate with another users meerkat unless the owner agrees so.

Your meerkat can not join another group. Only the current dominant meerkats still in the group can except a new meerkat into a mob.

Only dominant meerkats decide where the mobs goes, like into enemy territory. An individual may wonder off from the mob.

Your meerkat can not form a new mob. We will get too many and things will get too crowned. There is only five playible mobs.

No Meerkats from Meerkat Manor or the KMP, granded your meerkat may share the same name as a KMP meerkat as long as the RP meerkat is different from the KMP meerkat. No wild meerkats please.

No meerkats with long or too of a name or difficult of a spelling. No three or more word names like Lord Mad Cat or Franny Pooh The Great. Two word names like Fire Cat is okay but no long two word names like Primrose Everdeen.

No meerkats with the similar names in the same mobs at the same time, example Dragonheart Whiskers or Dragonborn Whiskers in the Whisker. There can be two meerkats with similar names in two different mobs like Dragonheart Zappa and Dragonborn Lazuli. This will prevent confusion between the two meerkats if they are from different mobs.

No inappropriate names and no renaming your meerkats once they have a page and have been role played.

No taking a pup into another group to adopt into your own group without permission. No more taking pups from the none role playing mobs. Pups encountered by another group will be killed.

No overthrowning a dominant meerkat with out permission and no picking on someone else's meerkat without permission. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. You may pick on your own meerkats but please don't treat them too poorly.

No giving away your meerkats, even if you leave. No taking someone else's meerkat and no adoption someone else's meerkat. If you leave your meerkat pages will remain so their litter-mates and parents pages may have a link. You meerkat will not be given away. Once your meerkat has been removed from a mob, you will not get it back if you have been gone for months. If you choose to come back you will will be given new meerkats to role play.

Meerkat Pages

This is how a meerkat page should be laid out.

On top of the page in bold type the meerkat's name then un-bold the followed if role played by your user name. This way people know who played who.

In A new section put the name of the mob the meerkat was born in like Aztecs or Whiskers. Under the Section Title in bold write your meerkat's name, then un-bold their ID Code liked this Amy(VSF008). Within the first sentence stated the date the meerkat was born and what mob the meerkat was born in. Example Amy(VUF008) was born on July 8, 1998 in the Spirits Mob. This will be your first sentence. The following sentence stated the parents of the meerkat starting with the mother than father. The third sentence stated the names and ID Codes of the meerkat’s litter-mates. Example Amy's mother was Sandy and her father was Bruce. Amy's litter-mates were Max(VDM007) and Lucy(VSF009).

Once your pages is started you can then continue with the events your meerkat has done in role play life but please don't make things up that did not happen in the role play. If you meerkat had joined another group make a new section titling it the name of the new mob you meerkat had joined. If you meerkat give birth to a litter of pups, please put the day and the ID Codes of the pups, till they are named, so other users know what they their meerkat was born on if case they so decide to role play one of your meerkat’s pups. Example Amy gave birth to VSP0020 VSP0021 and VSP021 on May 26, 2000 and also state who was the father of the litter.

Once you are done with you summary of your meerkat's life please end all pages with Your Meerkat's Name is still alive in Meerkat's Mob Name. Example: Amy is still alive in the Spirits today.

All pages should end with a links section. Under links put the mobs named that your meerkat had been in, even if they only been in one. If there were any important meerkats such as a parent or sibling, put their name too but don't put every signal name.

Make sure to add the Categories, all Categories should already exist and up up as you start to type the name out. All role playing meerkats much have the Role Play meerkats Category and the mobs they meerkat had been in. Other categories like Roving Male meerkats or Evicted Female meerkats can be added if the meerkat had done so in role play.