Hera CD
Hera is role played by Meerkats123.


Hera(VCDF006) was born on May 18, 1998 in the Commandos. Her parents were Zilla and Frodo, the dominant pair at the time. She had three litter mates: one sister named Eris(VCDF008) and two brothers named Zeus(VCDM005) and Hades(VCDM007). All four pups survived to adulthood. Hera started taking part in basic duties like taking sentry posts and caring for pups. When Frodo died of TB in late 1999, Hera's older brother Kronos took male dominance. Soon, Zilla died of TB as well, leaving the position of dominant female open. Hera competed, but lost intrest quickly. Hera's older sisters. Libitina became the dominant female. Shortly after, both Kronos and Royal left the group. Kronos became the dominant male at the Whiskers, while Royal was accepted by the Lazuli. Her litter-mate brother Hades became the dominant male. Hera played a low key role in the group for eleven momths. When Hera was two and a half years old the Commandos split. Hera was among the splinter group.


The splinter group didn't rejoin the Commandos and was named Aztecs. Her older sister Gaia became the dominant female while her brother Zeus became the dominant male. Hera mated with a rover from the Zappa named Niko. She gave birth to Power, Violet and Dwarf on February 12, 2001. Her litter survived to adulthood. Hera stayed in the Aztecs another year before being evicted with the other older females, her litter-mate sister Eris, her cousin Rhea and younger sister Isis. The females were seen hanging around the Aztecs before finally disappeared in early 2002. Hera was considered Last Seen in March 2002.


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