Gracy is roleplayed by Pufflelova54.


Gracy(VLF015) was born in the Lazuli on September 27, 1998. His mother was the dominant female Zizus and his father was dominant male Belgrion. Her litter-mates were her sister Silver(VLF017) and two brothers Butch(VLM014) and Padfoot(VLM017). Gracy and her siblings survived through their first year. Sadly her morhter and father both died of disease and her older half sister Hattie took up dominance with an Elveera male named Ralph. She gave birth to one litter before both died of disease. Gracy's older sister Sahara became the dominant female beside Subaru, Gracy's older brother. Gracy helped out with the pups and sentry duties. Gracy evicted along with Farreri and Christina in May 2001 when Sahara was pregnant and disappeared.


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