Emo is role played by Meerkats123.



Emo(VZZF008) was born was born on March 26, 1999 in the Zappa Mob. Her mother was not the dominant female Brigit but Elfy and her father wad Bender a rover from the Young Ones. She had two litter-mate brothers named Punker(VZZM009) and Gothic(VZZM009). Brigit allowed the pups to remain in the group. All three pusp survived to adulthood. Emo's mother Elfy was evicted whenever Brigit was pregnant.Elfy eventually left the Zappa for good. In early 2000, Emo split from the main group twice along with a few other meerkats The group reunited withiin a day both times After her first birthday, Emo began to show a keen interest in rovers The first rover she tried to mate with was a Whiskers male named Budge However, the group chased him away. Soon after, a Commandos male named Hades roved at the Zappa. Emo mated with him. Shortly before Emo gave birth, the Zappa encountered the Lazuli. Emo chose to keep her distance. She rejoined the group once the Lazuli fled. The group split and Emo gave birth in the Splinter group on Augest 1, 2000 Emo is still in the Zappa today.


Mother: Elfy

Father: Bender

Brothers: Punker and Gothic


Zappa Mob