Cupcake is role played by Aniju Aura.

Cupcake Lazuli

Cupcake Lazuli

Date of Birth
May 21, 2000
VLP029, Bruono, Dogwood and VLP033
Known For
Sahara's daughter


Cupcake(VLF032) was born on May 21, 2000 in the Lazuli. Her mother was Sahara, the dominant female, and her father was Ghost, a rover from the Zappa. She was born in a litter of five, her litter-mates consisted of VLP029, Brouno(VLM030), Dogwood(VLF031) and VLP033. Sadly during a burrow move, VLP029 and VLP033 died. Cupcake and her remaining litter-mates survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. Sometime before the pups were born, a subordinate female named Royal had given birth to a litter however her pups were abandon but on named Seth. Cupcake's aunt Buttercup also gave birth to a litter of three pups a month after Cupcake was born. Those pups survived as well. Cupcake's mother gave birth to Ruby and Socks in September 2000, however Cupcake wasn't old enough to help her mother out with the new pups. Cupcake and her two remaiing litter-mates made it to adulthood. When Sahara became pregnant she evicted Cupcake's two of her aunts Ferrari and Gracy and an older sister named Christina, making Cupcake and her sister Dogwood some of the oldest subordinante females. In June after Sahara gave birth to her litter, a group of Whisker rovers visited the Lazuli. Cupcake mated with one of the rovers named Tryan. On July 28, 2001 Cupcake gave birth to VLF049, Storm and Skat Kat. Cupcake's mother Sahara had no pups of her own nor was she pregnant so she allowed Cupcake to keep her litter. All three of her pups survived. In October 2001 Cupcake's sister Dogwood was evicted and disappeared. In September 2002 the Lazuli split in two, Cupcake was with the splinter group however her older cousin was also in the splinter group along with her daughter Skat Kat. Cupcake is still in the Lazuli today.


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