Comet was role played by Silverstar.


Comet(VWHM002) was born on June 12, 1998 in the newly formed Whiskers Mob. His mother was a subortine female named Bumble and a rover named Delphy. His only litter-mate was his one brother named Budge(VWHM003). They were the first pups to be born in the mob. Comet and Budge made it to adulthood. He took sentry duty over his family and helped them out. Sadly, his mother Bumble disappeared along with his father. Then Molly died and his cousin Fu Dog became the alpha male. On January 1999, 2001, Comet went roving and mated with Lollipop, the domaint female of the Zappa. She gave birth to Twinkie, VZZF039 and VZZM040 on March 18, 2001. Comet soo went roving and disappeared soon after.


Mother: Bumble

Father: Delphy

Brother: Budge

Mate: Lollipop

Children: Twinkie, VZZF039 and VZZM040


Whiskers Mob