Bee Whiskers

Bee Whiskers

Date of Birth
March 25, 1999
RooRoo and Matt
Shona, Nero and VWM010
Popcorn and Pretzel
Known For
A Whiskers female who stoled a Young Ones' pup

Bee is role played by Meerkats123.


Bee(VWF008) was born in the Whiskers Mob on March 25, 1999. Her mother was RooRoo and her father was a rover named Matt. Her litter-mates were her one sister Shona(VWF011) and two brothers Nero(VWM009) and VWM010. They survived toadulthood even though their mother was not the dominant female. Bee and her litter were the third litter born in the Whiskers ever however they were RooRoo's only surviving litter. Bee started babysitting and keeping sentry for her family. Molly the dominant female evicted RooRoo and Bee's aunts Bumble and Piggy. After Molly died, her daughter Fu Dog became the dominant female. Bee was once seen trying to mate with a rover named Ghost. However, Budge chased him away. Ghost returned that night and Bee mated with him but being only nine months at the time she could not conceive. After an IGI with Young Ones, Bee stole one of their pups. She took it back to the Whiskers with her. Fu Dog accepted the pup into the group but she evicted Bee on the same day when she was only ten months old. Bee returned to the group a few hours later while after that lions were close to the Whiskers. Bee was seen mating with a rover name Zeus. When she gave birth her pups were abandon and she was evicted. Sadly the pups were all killed by the Commandos. Bee tried to save them but she was atacked by females. She rejoined the Whiskers but was evicted again. Bee mated with another Commando male named Shade. Bee stayed in the Whiskers for the rest of her life. Bee died on January 3, 2002 after defending a group of evicted females fron a cobra.However, she soon aborted. Bee is still in the Whiskers today.


Mother: RooRoo

Father: Matt

Sister: Shona

Brothers: Nero and VWM010


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