Atlas is role played by Sir Rock.



Atlas(VAZM001) was born on December 21, 2000 in the Aztecs. His mother was Gaia and his father was a rover named Vrunner. He was born in a litter of four with two sisters named Hukles(VAZF003) and Pandora(VAZF004) and one brother named Oasis(VAZM002). The Aztecs had formed a few days before the pups were born by a Commando splinter group. Atlas's mother Gaia was the oldest of the females so she established dominance. Soon a few more Commando members joined the group and helped out with the new pups. Atlas and his siblings survived their first few months.  Sadly both Hukles and Oasis disappeared leaving Atlas just his last sister Pandora left out of their litter. A group of Whisker males soon joined the group after Zeus and the other Commando males left the group. The eldest of the Whisker males Tryan became the new dominant male beside Atlas's mother. Both Atlas and Pandora soon reach their first birthday. Atlas started to help out around the mob and soon started to take to roving. He remained in the mob for two years before his mother died and he and the other Aztecs males took to roving for better mating opportunities. Atlas is still in the Aztecs today.


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