Artemis is role played by Meerkats123.


Artemis(VCDF025) was born in the Commandos Mob on August 17, 1999. Her mother was Zilla and her father was Frodo the dominant pair of the Commandos at the time. Artemis' litter-mates were her sister Isis(VCDF024) and brothers Marz(VCDM023) and Jupiter(VCDM026). Sadly this was Zilla and Frodo's last litter, a few mother later Frodo died and soon after Zilla died. Artemis' older brother and sister Kronos and Libitina became the new dominant pair. However Kronos soon left the group to join the Whiskers and Hades became the new dominant male. Artemis and her litter-mates survived to adulthood. Her brother Marz and Jupiter soon left the group to rove in 2001 and Isis left in the splinter to form the Aztecs. In mid 2001 Artemis mated with a rover named Nero and became pregnant. Artemis gave birth to Ahti, VCDP045, VCDF046 and Gray on July 31, 2001. Her pups survived a burrow raid made by the Zappa thanks to Hades. Artemis is still alive today in the Commandos.


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